^ PHOTOGRAPH by NSD at Rosendals Trädgård

When my best friend told me she was moving to Stockholm, I knew right away that Sweden was going to become a 2nd home to me as well. I absolutely loved visiting last December (check out my Winter in Stockholm post) with all the boundless holiday charm, but a summertime visit was already on the docket. I made my second trip this past August and I’ve shared a few of my favorites here.

Swedes celebrate the annual appearance of elderflowers as the first signal that summer has arrived! My hosts Olle and Alden welcomed me with a refreshing homemade beverage made from the flowers.

Elderflower Spritz

Pick 30 blossom bunches. Slice 6 organic lemons, wash blossoms. Put in a big pot. In a separate pot, heat up 6 cups water, 6 1/2 cups sugar and 1/4 cup citric acid. Pour hot over the lemons and blossoms. Leave in the fridge for 72 hours. Stir occasionally. Strain. Use or freeze. A little goes a long way. Add soda to taste. Recipe from @stockholmsweethome If its the wrong season, or there aren’t any elderflower bushes around, you can use Belvoir Fruit Farm Elderflower Cordial, 500ml.

The Swedish people love summer! Everyone is out and about walking, playing in the parks, riding their bikes. Its very cheerful! There are many cafés where you can enjoy the long days and unusual warm weather.

Rosendals Trädgård
Rosendalsvägen 38, 115 21

My favorite place in Stockholm is this garden farm. Its an easy train ride and walk along the water. Plan to go to the Trädgårdskafé for lunch and you can enjoy an open-faced sandwich, pastry or gazpacho in the orchard.

The plant shop offers a carefully selected assortment of flowers and plants, seeds and tools for the urban gardener. During the summer season you can pick your own flowers to be paid by weight. Flower arrangements are available to order. The farmshop sells bread and cakes from the woodfired bakery, biodynamically grown vegetables from the garden, homemade preserves and pickles as well as carefully chosen books and crafts.” -Rosendals Trädgård

Hornsbergs Strand 41, 112 16

If it’s swimming weather, you definitely want to go to this waterfront park. If you have the kids with you theres a great shallow kiddie pool right next door. If I lived here, I’d swim everyday after work!

According to my friend, Olle, Swedes grow up only being able to eat candy on Saturdays. I’m not sure if this ban :) goes away once you are older but the obsession with candy definitely doesn’t go away with age. There are shops all over town with bulk/by weight bins of every kind of sweets imaginable. Even at 7-Eleven! The best of the best (in my mind) is the Lakrits Roten, and not only because its packaging is adorable.

- several locations -

Lakritsrot is a root and its boiled to make the special herbal extract that is used to make licorice. It has a long history in medicine and some research shows it was used as a drug dating back 4000 years ago. It became very popular in Sweden in the late 19th century. This kind of licorice is not sold in the US but the closest (super) salty licorice I’ve found is Lakritsfabriken.

Kungsholms strand 167, 112 48

The most delicious ice cream I think Ive ever had is from this tiny shop. The flavors are not ruined by too much sugar and the fruit and berry options are always only made from whats in-season. My favorite was “blueberries in cream” and “pistachio”. I heard the “salty liquorice” was surprisingly wonderful.

Biblioteksgatan 5, 111 44

Eataly Rome is an homage to beauty, Eataly Smeraldo in Milano to music as it is housed in an old theater, Eataly Istanbul to history, Eataly Dubai to the future… We have built it to create a connection between high-quality of Italian food and Swedish gastronomic culture, merging Italian cuisine with local traditions. With the opening of Eataly in Stockholm, we want to make the relationship and cultural exchange between our countries even more solid.” Italy is my favorite country and this was my first Eataly experience. It really was lovely and the cappuccino might have been the best I’ve ever had.

Strandvägen %

The Swedish interior design brand most well-known for its collaborations with Josef Frank. “Estrid Ericson’s store was more than a store, more than a showroom. It was a detailed dream version of a way to live.” I plan to research Estrid more as she sounds like a kindred spirit. The store’s commitment to sustainability and Swedish-made products is very impressive and there is a foundation set up to make sure the store is always around.

The textiles are very expensive but they are for sale by the yard. I chose the Zodiaken and Catleya fabrics and will make pillows or napkins. 

…and here are some more shops to check out!

Brunkeberhstorg 4SE 111 51

This rooftop bar has the most beautiful view of the city. Grab a glass of rosé and enjoy the people watching.

Norr Mälarstrand 64, 112 35

Mälarpaviljongen, which is located along Lake Mälaren, is a magical floating restaurant with many seating options and delicious and traditional Swedish food and drink. In 2013, Condé Nast Traveller called it one of the “Best Neighbourhood Restaurants in the World”. If you happen to own a boat, you are welcome to sail up and moor to their dock!

Bondegatan 64, 11633

This adorable café serves up the most instagram-worthy toasts I’ve ordered yet. Their matcha latte is also a stunner. I sat here and worked for several hours (I love how everywhere has free wifi!) and felt just like a local.

Erstagatan 21

Somm Jonas (who poured for us) and Beatrice choose lovely wines for their list including some from: Larmandier-Bernier and Radikon.

^ Ferry to YXLAN

The oblong island, Yxlan, of the Sweden archipelago is dotted with small, red cottages. We took the ferry and walked to the house from the where the boat let us off.

My best friend’s mother-in-law owns a house here and we spent an idyllic weekend lounging and walking to the water several times a day.


Lingonberries were in season, and they were everywhere. You can pick them roadside. They make the perfect sweet relish for a traditional Swedish meatball dinner. YUM! Try it! Get some lingonberry jam here. I plan to bring some to Thanksgiving.

^ Inside Inger’s gorgeous home.

^ Picking wild blueberries. Just like the ones we have back home in Maine.

One of the best ways to bring home a personal memory of any trip is to bring along a  small set of paints and make a quick sketch. Kuretake has been my trusty brand for years, but there are teeny tiny sets like this. At some point, I plan to upgrade and get a set of Case For Making colors.