^ COLLAGE “Rising Mountain” by Eugenia Loli

I love a new year and fresh intentions. For me, above all this, I want to nurture my close personal relationships. I hope to be a patient and loving daughter to my mother who although very capable and engaged is all on her own back east… and a supportive friend to my gals scattered across the globe who are all facing adventures in marriage and new babies and balancing it all with the challenges of career life… and a passionate partner to a guy I cherish, who gives me back so much love and inspiration and laughter and respect.

I’m thinking a lot these days about how I experience the world..and if my experience could be even better. Also if potentially, I could share what I do and continue to learn about staying inspired and optimistic. This year, I’m going to actively seek out inspiration and make this a self care process. I want to finally commit to Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Dates and share them here. Additionally, I am starting a creative coach training this February, which I am thrilled about and curious of where it will take me. I feel again like I did in my 20’s when I passionately declared that I didn’t want to know what the future held - that I wanted to be surprised. I’m hoping this blog will become a place for me to share these experiences and help me stay mindful of my journey along the way.

Over the last 2 years or so, I have become very interested in how we pivot, get perspective on our challenges and craft solutions. I took Lacey Phillip’s course on manifestation which was huge in building self worth and honesty about what I really want from my life. I also read (or listened - go Audible!) lots of books. I have listed some of them in the very straight forward SHOP section of this website and I will continue this self education and keep adding more. I am currently reading Becoming by Michelle Obama which is a fascinating account of her and Barack’s childhoods, education and values and their story of family and the fight to the White House. It is such a treat to listen to Michelle tell her story in her own voice. She reminds us that all the experiences we have with family and education and people and passions weave together to create the people we become, that its the journey, the transformation and passionate awareness that builds wisdom and character.

I’ve crafted a sort of personal motto for the future: a sense-full life will bring about more vibrancy, inspiration and pleasure. I plan to focus on ways to activate my sense of smell, sight, touch, taste and sound to highlight the hidden treasures in normal daily life. This awareness, I think, builds gratitude. And gratitude of where we are, how we feel, and what we see can bring about happiness in the moment and optimism for whatever is next. According to Diane Ackerman, current physiology says, “the mind does not exist in the brain but rather the whole body, and we must interact, feed and inspire it through our senses.” This is what I intend to do. What about you?

Happy New Year! xN