Nora Sibley DenkerRECENT


Nora Sibley DenkerRECENT

^ PHOTOGRAPH by Gosha Pavlenko

"The shadow in you is perfect, the light in you is perfect. The acknowledgement of that perfection is what turns you into gold."
- Deborah Hanekamp / Mama Medicine

My new year's intention is to embrace being young and feeling beautiful. Which after the years I've had, needed some serious rebooting. With it being Valentine's day I thought it would be appropriate to share some things that I find help me remember that I am worth it. That I am alive and strong and capable. I am sexy just being exactly who I am.

Get a Radiant Human Aura photograph!  I don't know that I believe that her camera is really showing my aura ~ but you can't argue with the difference between my dark-days-middle-of-break-up portrait and the lighter one 6th months later. Provided with a card of aura color explanation, mine was a mix of: visionary, playful, growth, awareness, devotion and loyalty --> non-judgment, creativity, independence, strength, and new beginning. Some of my favorite personal activities are ones that help me connect in closer. The journey from dark to bright auras honestly comforted me and helped me acknowledge that times were a bit tough, and then they were a little better, and then a little better. That progress was being made, but deep in my heart I was still someone who had a sense of playfulness or was deeply loyal. Remembering these good qualities helped me reinforce my sense of myself... and gave me strength. Follow her tour and book a session at @radianthuman_

I am not a regular meditator but I do like a small scale guided meditation. Less clearing and more getting answers. Questioning my subconscious. I read "Playing Big" (listened via Audible), and the author and women's leadership expert, Tara Mohr, walks you through a "guided visualization to discover your future self." She says consulting this inner mentor is "a powerful way to navigate personal and professional decisions. I’ve watched thousands of women find answers, new directions, and a lot of comfort and solace through this tool." I think that I need more practice in calming the mind and letting my subconscious take over and guide me - but I definitely got some special nuggets out of the experience. After getting quiet and comfortable with my eyes closed and ear buds in, my minds eye saw myself floating up out of my studio apartment out over golden gate park and onto a dusty hot Mediterranean hillside. I touched down right outside of my dream home in the garden. I rung the bell and was invited in by my future self. She is called Sunny :) and she was beautiful and calm. She was very natural and had wavy gray hair loosely tied back. After sitting together for a while and looking out the window at the scene I’ve imagined my future life to look like, she said she had a gift for me. In my open hand she dropped a fist full of small AMETHYST crystals. Now I know what you’re thinking. Wow this girl is woo and she must be surrounded by crystals and think about them all the time. I don’t ever..I promise.. think about crystals. I don’t even like purple! That’s just my future self — Sunny, wanted me to have :) Later, I looked up Amethyst and there are many meanings that range from celibacy to sobriety to abundance and clarity. I took this to be good energy for me as a I start the year and reinvest in my own heart, body and soul.

I worked through UNBLOCKED Partnership, a manifestation workshop by Free & Native. Lacy Phillips says “Every single person is capable of connecting with their partner; however, one has to expansively be in their subconscious worth and conscious worth in order to connect with them. Learn where your blocks are." I always thought it was interesting that after my father died, I felt more open and honest and true then I had ever up to that time in my life, and I turned around and immediately fell in love. Not it turned out with the best partner for me, but never the less, it was a pretty honest and real relationship. The best I’d had. My closest friends have met their husbands online dating and it’s never worked for me. Partly I think, because I wasn’t in touch with my subconscious worth and accepting of myself. The other course UNBLOCKED Shadow, helps you face the lies you tell yourself to protect yourself, and the shame that we all have deep within. Once we find, bring to light and integrate these stories, we are free. From this more open place one can forget anxiety and negative self-consciousness and instead stay present and curious about the person across from you. You are clearer on what you want and what feels good or not so good. Keep listening and feeling into what you want. What I learned from Lacey Phillips is to get clear on what kind of “heart-centered” relationship you want and it will present itself to you. Manifestation is truly understand what we want, knowing it’s out there, believing we are worth it and then staying open to all that comes our way. It will come through, but you have to believe. 

My close friend, Jennifer Hall Taylor, a wholistic health coach, and the creator of The Shift App has just updated the meditation and mindfullness program with a new focus: LOVE. Check it out for a "curated selection of practices that invite intuitive choices about mood, energy, mindset & whole health...Where do you want your energy to shift, deepen, or align?" Click an approach: Meditate, Move, Eat, Listen, Act, or Integrate to find encouraging options to explore.

"...where awareness goes, energy flows....” -Gurudeva


^ RADIANT HUMAN AURA photography