The season is changing and maybe I'm not ready - I'm still jonesing for the romantic pale colors (lavender, creamy yellow, peach) and florals of springtime. The textural aesthetic of the Dutch garden designer, Piet Oudolf's "new perennial" style is the perfect illustration of what I'm feeling right now. An all-season garden.

I would love to experience the wood walkways of Douglas Burnham's "cabin constellation" in Mendocino County; I can imagine a little sprite waving me to follow - dusty leaves below and the oak canopy above us.

Leaves & FlowersTumeric Wellness Tea is a blend of turmeric, rosemary, citrus peel, ginger, and black pepper. They "formulated [this] tea to support the changing of the season and [to] safeguard your immune system."

From the Fall '17 runway collections, I was really struck by the sophistication of Emilia Wickstead's Tudor-inspired collection, especially the primrose-colored "Lala" dress. Autumn Hruby's charming and angelic line of knitwear, Hesperios, is perfect for feeling feminine + elegant (and cozy!) this fall. The polished but whimsical Brock Collection's ruffled off-the-shoulder Dawn silk dress is...stunning. That duo knows how to drape a dress. 

I tend to be more of a tomboy-ish, uniform-wearing gal - jeans + tshirts or a jumpsuit like these from Apiece Apart, but (who knows!?) maybe things are changing. For easy make-up, RMS's eye polishes in peach: lucky or gold: utopia are my favorite effortless look. xN

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