^ Metallic Silkscreen on rice paper "C SERIES" by Michael Porter Denker

My father taught me about art and seeing the world through an artist's perspective. I believe he felt that it was important to be curious and always optimistic in one's creative pursuits. 

When he was very young, my father had a hard time learning to read. His father gave him a small printing press for which he had to set the letters or "wood type" upside down and backwards in order to print something. This ingenious tactic worked in teaching him to read and also ignited a passion for printing and typography. In college, he studied printmaking, which meant he could continue with printing presses and also learned about silkscreening.

I have always loved the abstract typographic work he created during those young adult years. Before he died 4 years ago I tried to have him explain more about his process and inspirations for the body of work ~ it wasn't until a few weeks ago while I was organizing the studio he left behind, that I learned where his ideas for these pieces came from. 

I found a sketch he did for the "C SERIES" with some scribblings at the bottom which revealed that he was having dreams about wood type. He definitely had an obsession with letters!

...I used to dream of naked women. But then I met Ellie... Then I started dreaming of wood type. Someone at the time asked if LSD was involved? No it wasn't.  [but when I was dreaming] the C began to change... -MPD

v Some variations on the letter C