PHOTOGRAPH by Richard Champion,
The New York Times Book of Interior Design and Decoration

I am really inspired by home decor that doesn't look too formally "decorated" or "designed." To my mind, a space really comes alive with an eclectic arrangement of one's personal collection of furniture, objects, and art. A vibrant energy is created in a home which is layered with distinctive textures: pieces gathered while traveling, family heirlooms, and handcrafted items. 

I agree with Norma Skurka, the former New York Times Home Editor, when she writes, "our homes are infinitely more than shelters" and that they "symbolize our hopes, desires, and sense of accomplishment. They are an expression of our identity." I feel that home decoration is an opportunity to do just that: express something about who we are and what we appreciate in the world.

Below, I am sharing a few interiors that I love. I think all have a casual but sophisticated sense of calm, a natural and intuitive styling of furnishings and a graphic sensibility that really speaks to me.

PHOTOGRAPHS are credited in pop-outs, seen on desktop screens.