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Ever since I heard about "super blooms", I have wanted to see one in person.

I read that because of the rainy winter this year, Carrizo Plain National Monument was one of the best places in California to see this season’s wildflower explosion. I was heading south to LA on a solo roadtrip and I saw that the bloom was not far off my route from San Francisco. I took a left and headed east of Paso Robles.  It ended up being about 4.5 hours from SF and I hit Carrizo at the brightest part of the day. It was magnificent.

The yellow was so electric it looked like a highlighter was used to sketch the horizon. It really was breathtaking. Later, staring at the picture below, I had to know what the flower was that I saw by the million. It's appropriately called the "California Hillside Daisy" (Monolopia lanceolata).